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Based on the Spony Profiling Model (SPM), SPM Online products and services have been developed with the goal of increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Our products help people to understand the fundamental cultural and individual differences that cause clashes at all levels within organisations. The energy traditionally used to fight conflicts can be channelled into improving productivity.

  • Increase efficiency: Contrary to popular belief, there is no one best leadership style. It all depends on an individuals' personality and their fit with the wider environment (team/department/corporate culture) and what needs to be accomplished. The SPM provides down to earth feedback, enabling individuals to understand and adapt to different environments whilst keeping the bottom line clearly in focus.
  • Increase revenues: It is widely agreed that motivated employees will go the last mile, but only if their job matches their values and motivations . Through an objective assessment of attributes required for a role the SPM enables strategic planning of people into positions where they will excel and have a direct impact on improving the overall performance of the company.
  • Reduce costs: When the internal functioning of an organisation is streamlined, it takes less time to make it work effectively. Equally, when motivation is high, so is retention, hence saving on hazardous and costly recruitment and training programmes, as well as temporary efficiency losses.


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