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Who are we?

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SPM Online is the company that supports organisations to implement SPM through training, accreditation and consulting. SPM Online also provides secure web-based facilities, which make SPM available around the clock, worldwide. Continued investment into R&D by SPM Online secures SPM as one of the most sophisticated tools available enabling HR and Training professionals to implement people and organisational development based on sound metrics.
Client Support, IT and Marketing are based in Brighton. A strong association with Cranfield School of Management means several of our consultants are based near to Milton Keynes.

SPM Online’s Approach

Within a business environment that is growing in complexity and becoming increasingly global, the nature of work involves closer cooperation between people from very different backgrounds. Top grades from best universities and a brilliant blue chip experience are no longer the only key factor of future success. The capability to work effectively and efficiently with other people and to cope with change and ambiguity can take precedence over an individual’s work history and pedigree.
Now using SPM, measurement of individual, team and organisational flexibility in these areas can happen. Strategic development programmes can be implemented at these levels to ensure success for those individuals, teams and organisations.


SPM Online began life providing a unique recruitment service to those organisations keen to find company culture fit with prospective new employees, not just the right track record. SPM was and still remains a powerful tool in this process:
Facing a rapidly changing world, “having done it in the past” might not be as important as “having the potential to do it in the future.”
Objectively understanding the complex nature of individuals through their values, motivations and behaviours could help towards predicting potential “fitness for purpose” in any given role.

The integrative and universal nature of the SPM encouraged SPM Online to broaden the focus to all types of companies across all industrial sectors.
SPM Online now offers consulting support to clients, full Accreditation and access to the online suite of tools directly to corporates. The comprehensive nature of SPM means that the SPM Online service is effective both at a domestic and international level.
Not all developmental programmes are the same: SPM is right for you and your organisation if you want to measure the success of your programme with direct correlation to bottom line improvements.

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