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Over the past few years the world of work has changed considerably. The growth in global service industries and the production of immaterial goods has led to the need for a different kind of work force. These men and women are required to deal with complex knowledge and the ability to create valuable services and products out of information. Organisations of all types span geographical boundaries, companies merge internationally and join forces with other businesses that are culturally unknown to them and people from all parts of the world are required to work together often within virtual and flexible organisations. This has raised new challenges in international human resource management, as companies seek individuals who are able to define their own social role, adapt, and grow, often into areas completely unfamiliar to them, as business needs fluctuate and change.

SPM Online brings the fresh approach needed in such an environment, to managing the relationship between individuals and businesses.

Working strategically in helping to develop and retain people within organisations, enabling companies to manage efficiently an intercultural workforce and helping people from very different backgrounds to work together effectively, is growing in importance.

Being aware of the positive impact of diversity in styles and cultures and assisting individuals to cope with uncertainty in a rapidly changing work environment are the primary goals of SPM Online.

SPM Online services Incorporating SPM is right for you if you want to know your people and your organisation and face the reality of the necessary changes to reduce the time taken to achieve business goals. Achieving goals more quickly translates easily to real business benefits.

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